Just what everyone wants to see, new pictures. I am not very good about getting pics off my camera. So sometime here in the near future i will post all the pictures i have taken over the last little while. It is long over due, but i thought i would give a heads up.


A Life To Remember

I wanted to spend a few a moments to express my love and appreciation for my Grandma Jean. I love you and know that you will be missed by your family. Grandpa Don has been patiently waiting and can now hold you in his arms. Thank you for all your love and support.
My grandmother just passed away tonight around 9pm. It is still kinda weird for me, but i wanted to show the few pics i have of her. When i get better pics i will post them.


Work pics

While i am at work Zach has done some pretty funny things and has made quite a mess. Here are some of the pictures i have collected over the past few months.

Uncle Allen gave Zach a donut and i guess he was done and decided it would be better on his face

Checking me out to see if i am done yet. Can we go? He has told me several times.

We just got a shipment in, and to my surprise it is for me.

Best thing i have ever ordered online :-)
After dumping out all the peanuts it's time to rest.
This boy sure love being just that, a boy.

This time around i am the one to blame.

Too funny that he got the powder all over his face.

He can't just put it in his mouth. To purely enjoy his donuts he has to get it on his face too.
Just this week my dad helped me get everything put together so that i can work from home. It has been nice, and i got to try it out for the first time today.
Please enjoy!



A little late but what can i say when the doctors office schedules him a month late. We just had our check up on Monday and of course he is still on the small side. But he's growing and that's all that matters He weighs 22lbs 8oz which puts him in the 8% and he is 33" long which puts him in the 61%. As i said before he is such a fun guy and keeps growing up everyday. The doctor and nurse was very impressed with him. Especially when it came to his shots. He didn't even wince on the first one it was the second one that got him. And he only cried for a minute. The picture posted is us at the office and he is sitting on the boxes that need to get shipped out. He knocked them over just so he could sit on them. What a character!!!



Can i just say that Zach is growing up too fast. He is such a cute kid and as his mom, of course, I love to show off the new things he has learned. He now can point to everything on his head. Hair, ears, eyes, forehead, nose, cheeks, teeth, tongue, mouth and chin. We are now learning fingers, knee, and elbow. He also can tell me what cat, dog, cow, donkey, tiger, monkey, sheep, horse, car, truck and Uncle Allen's phone say. Cutest thing ever. I love that he tries to say more and i just know he's going to grow up like his mama. A non stop talker. Next time you see us you will have to ask Zach to demonstrate his new learning's.



I forgot to mention this in the last blog. John and I have now been married for five years on Jan. 7Th. We had the opportunity to take a week vacation and went to Sedona, AZ. It was a little warmer than Salt Lake and Red. We invited my brother to come along and just had fun. Little did i know when i booked the vacation that we would be celebrating our five year anniversary. But over all it was a much needed fun vacation.
Here is Zach trying on the strainer as a hat, which he is saying "hat"This is called cockscomb, it is in SedonaThis was a hike we went on in the Red Rock Country. Zach is saying "Yes"This is a chapel that they built in the rock.Here is John standing in front of the church.This is a trip to visit Tuzigoot. Here we are inside the tower.Here is a view of the house walls that are left at Tuzigoot.This is Montezuma's CastleAnd last of all we went to visit a ghost town in Jerome, AZ. The boys thought the little car was pretty funny, it looks like the ice cream from one of the video games they play.
Five years ago i married a slightly thinner man at Ten in the morning. I got up at 6 a.m. to get my hair done. I was ready for him at the temple at 8:45 a.m. He was a little late and i thought he realized he didn't love me after all. He proved me wrong and showed up with a huge grin on his face. His brother had borrowed the car and got stuck in a crash aftermath's traffic. The family was there in the cold weather for outdoor pictures. Afterwards we had a sports reception, which fit me to a T. We had a dinner for everyone and ice cream and cake for dessert. There was sports to play instead of a dance. My family loved it and didn't think i would acctually find someone who would let me have one. My in laws were not sure what to think. But that's OK, i still love them for who they are and what they helped John become. With out them he would not be the man he is today. Thank you Carnell bunch!!! It has been an adventure that i would never change. I love my husband very much and am proud of every accomplishment he has made. He is my one and only and I'm glad he decided i was his. John I love you, you sexy beast. You are the best Dad for Zach and will be for our future children. Keep up your hard work and dedication. XOXO-Lisa


Oh boy

It has been a few months since i have posted anything. It has been harder then i thought. I guess working part part time takes up more time then i thought. Ok here are all the changes since last. I now take my niece, Elise, to school on Mon, Wed, Fri and soon to be all week. I have her from 8 till 1130. She has been a lot of fun and a joy to watch. Which in turn makes for a really long day when i have to go to work afterward and am there until 230ish and then i try to get home in enough time to feed Zach then lay him down for a nap. But it doesn't always happen. I also try to keep the basement clean and do the dishes on my designated days. Who knew that i could keep my self busier now then when i was working full time. That's about it for me now on to John.
For those of you who don't know John has two semesters left til he graduates with his Bachelors. He has been accepted into the pre graduate program with the ChemE department and does research along side one of the teachers at the U. Right now he gets paid by the teacher through their grant money. We hope that he will be accepted into the Masters program and will get benefits and tuition paid for by the ChemE department. He made the Dean's list last semester and passed the the FE test. He has done an excellent job and i know will continue to do so for the next few years.
So i will be here in Utah, in my mother in laws basement, until John graduates with his Masters. Oh how fun this will be. We do plan on having more kids we just don't know when, but you all will know when the time comes. We are still hoping to sell the condo, but no bites since November. I know crazy, why did we move out when we are still making the payments. We are slowly seeing our bank account get smaller and smaller. But its all good. We still have each other and our families to keep us sane. Well i will try my best to keep you all informed and the next post will be our much needed pics. Hopefully i can get them all in.